Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Flick and Mrs. Potts

Had a really fun birthday at Disneyland. Tried to stay for the "Electrical Parade" but we got too tired. One of the highlights of this visit was an interactive tour through "Animation Land(?)" in the "Hollywood Section" of the California Side. Among other interesting offerings was a "sit-down" quiz from a "talking book" who then figured out what Disney cartoon characters we were most like. The book took your picture too. If you didn't like it you could do it again. I liked mine, Betty didn't.

After several "revealing questions" it determined that I was most like the character "Flick" from the movie "Bug Story"(?) or "Land" He is the lonely, somewhat reluctant, clutsy, "hero" in the story where the ants, he's a purple ant, organize and defeat the "Hoppers". I've got to say, even though it is rather flattering, it is kind of true. I'm often reluctant to take the lead but, lately, I've been called upon. So far I'm feeling up to it too. We'll see. I like suceeding against "great odds". I liked the "cute little girl ant" he had to help him; can't remember her name though. I definitely have been and still am more of a "worker" than a "partier" like the "hoppers". I like to stay busy at the office. It helps the time fly. I also like to be quick with decisions as the name suggests. On my days off, I usually have to have something to do, errands etc. or I go nuts. I've always believed in the "work ethic". I think I got this mainly from my dad. I once got a job for summer vacation on my 2nd year college break with "Tidewater Oil" processing credit card p.o.'s, on his recommendation. I got the job because the boss had worked with my dad at another company and had said...to someone who then, later told me..."If he works anything like his dad, he'll do just fine in our company." What he didn't know at the time was that I was planning to finish my college degree at L.A. State in the fall in Psych. I wanted to counsel or teach.

Mrs. Potts is the cute little "take charge" "Tea Pot" from "Beauty and the Beast". Her voice, I think, was Angela Lansbury's. She was so "organized" and "logical/practical" and "motherly" to all of her dishes etc. This is, for sure, Betty, my wife and the mother-grandmother of our boys and their children. She, in many ways, is the "reason" we are still "afloat" and so orgainized. I think this characterization "bugs" her alittle...ie...she burst into song: "I'm a little tea pot, short and stout..." with all the motions. She has that very, down-to-earth common sense and a practicality that I've never had. Maybe that's why we are still a "great couple". I rely on her for so many things. In fact, her new "nickname" in our new-career mode is "Our Staff" She can and often does "multi-task" like...pays the bills, decorates the home, cleans it, cooks the gourmet meals, gardens/landscapes, shops, advises on what to wear and not wear, socializes for us at Sun Lakes, keeps up with our appointments, schedules vacations and outings and insists on driving us everywhere we go together. It is easier on her "nerves" she says. She does all that and keeps up with all of our grandchildren and extended family responsibilities. She runs "Camp Gramma" and "Gramma's Tea Room". She has a great "business sense" and I go to her first for advice. You can see why I still love her very much. She is such a super-wonderful person and still very beautiful...outside and from within. A "fine China" Tea Pot. She still my one and only. Bob


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