Sunday, June 26, 2005

Route 66

"Get your kicks on Route 66!" As of tomorrow, this will be my motto. Yep, I'm turning on to 66...years that is. Classic! This could be the best year yet. I know the famous highway across the country was, at one time, the best. Now it is a bit dated but it has a certain identifiable style...that's my goal too.

All these years, since Claremont, I've lived so close to this famous route. Foothill Blvd. going through Claremont is it. Then I think it switches to Baseline one of the prime meridians in measuring for real estate plotting. It is on the test. Out here, in Beaumont/Banning, it is probably I-10 as it proceeds east across the state and country. I've traveled it many times by car and train. Now periodically they have "nostalgic" shopping centers etc. with that "art deco" look claiming to be "on route 66". There is one in Upland. It think it goes through Albuquerque too. It probably then turns north. It is known for its many sights/ tourist traps probably. ie. meteorite craters, crashed cars, diners etc...nothing new.

Ah, but here is where we part company. I'm continually looking for the new, the different, the exciting and challenging. I may have to head out on my own new departure ie. "Route 66 Alternate". That is my aim as stated in this series of blogs. New territory. Leave the old habits/habitats behind. What an adventure I've had so far.

There's a new ride at Disneyland I plan to go on tomorrow for the third time "Soaring Over California" It is exhilerating. I'm sure I'll see route 66 there too; from the "air" (simulated) Betty and I will again be our own best companions. No one else can get off on a Monday and this is one of the last days we get in free on our pass before the fall. We'll go early via the diamond lane and toll road. We'll probably still hit that early Monday morning work traffic.

It has been a great "ride" so far getting to 66. I've actually never felt better most of the time. I'm not greatly medicated either. My secret: Keep moving! Drive carefully and defensively. Don't drive on the freeways more than once a week if you can help it. Be pleasant. Smile and wave alot. "Let your face be happy!" to quote a very well known expert. Watch out for "drive bys" Be ready to duck. Listen to books and music CD's as you current one..."Differentiate or Die!" I just finished "1776". I'll probably do a blog on it nearer to the 4th. Learn from your mistakes and don't be afraid to consult "mapquest" or a friend's advice. Bob


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