Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Betty and I just saw this very thought provoking movie. Going in, we had no idea what it was about. We were attracted to the stars ie. Don Cheadle and Sandra Bullock. There were several big name actors in smaller roles. However, it was one of those riveting movies with a series of seemingly unrelated events, some tragic, that somehow all came together in the end in a very "Karmic" way.

It was very realistic in dialogue and action and you could really identify with many of the situations. Some were disgusting and revolting...others were exasperating and shameful. It showed the roots of true prejudice ie. miscommunication. The very end was tied into the beginning scenes and brought a sense of completion. I would explain more of it but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who might read this (?) and then go and see it.

Don Cheadle was at his best. You felt for him and his predicament. He epitomized the frustrating roles that many minorities are still having to deal with. Matt Dillon was also a "real person" that you could commeasurate with. He was both "good and evil". Sandra Bullock's role was small but so true to life. It made us think about how sheltered, yet isolated, a life we lead. The sub-culture representatives ie. the Persians and the Hispanics showed their true frustration with not being able to communicate their wishes and values and what tragedies can then occur. It made me glad that we have "seat-belt cutters" and "pepper spray" in our cars.

We live in a gated/guarded community and yet there are times that we have been a bit edgy about where we were. I think I told how we missed our turn coming home from Larry and Peri's party, we were so tired, and wound up in the dark, industrial part of San Bernardino looking for a way to get back on the 215. This wasn't the first time the car computer told us which way to go. We got lost coming home from Disneyland and wandered around in Anaheim for awhile before we thought to use it. My recent flat tire was fortunately discovered in our garage in the A.M. before work. I pick up nails at the construction sites I have to drive weekly. I have AAA and they were there in 45 mins. It turns out the tires I had on the 4-Runner/SUV were too small. I'm now riding higher and with more comfort and security. "King of the Road!"

I guess it is inevitable that people are going to "crash" into each other in many ways due to our increasing proximity in these cities. Like "rats in a maze" we get more and more frustrated with our plights. Yesteday morning I overheard a conversation at my gym locker room. The I-10 had recently been shut down for more than 12 hours because of a car-jacking, chase and stand-off. It was out beyond Cabazon. There is no alternative route. This guy was trapped there for the duration at night. He said people were getting "stir-crazy" and needing to leave their cars to use the facilities. Cars were abandoned for hours. This would be a nightmare for Betty and me. This is why we don't like to be out too late at night anywhere. Bob


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