Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Make an effort Dad!"

This quote is from Soren my youngest grandchild. He just turned two and is very verbal and perceptive. We get almost daily update from his dad on the "cute" things he says. Dad has to spend alot of his time away from home, selling spas on the road and at fairs etc. He talks to Soren nightly on the phone. I guess they were talking about his coming home soon and this title quote came out. I wonder where he heard that expression first. He is a sponge.

Dad is making an effort everyday to support his family. He has one of the hardest jobs ie. "cold selling" on the spot with little or no advertising or "farming". He has always had that "gift of gab" and he has done quite well...but it is a fickle customer and market. He can't depend on "be-backs" like I do. So...he probably has a higher "cancellation rate". This can be depressing. I'm hoping and praying that he will continue to do a good job and/or find a more reliable and secure way of "making an effort". He surely has our continued support and blessing.

Soren is used to having some chocolate squirts in his milk. I guess they were out of squirts and he had asked to no avail. "I'm freaking mom, I'm freaking!" Now I wonder where he got this expression? This is quite a step for a young child ie. to realize he's going to "lose it" and say so up front. I wonder what other feelings he is pre-cognitive about? I'm sure he is read to alot and probably sees alot of tv. I don't think he is just copying phrases he's heard...but I suppose this is kind of the way we all learn language, connecting it to the situation and emotion involved.

What a responsibility we all have when raising and teaching our young. I don't think we truly realize it at the time. I know I didn't. I was too tired or too busy or too into my own agendas. Somehow they seem to grow up and "get on" with or without or in spite of our best efforts or lack thereof. It just reinforces the importance of those earlier years before the dominant influences of "peers" school and other social/societal pressures seem to take over. Then it is almost too late to be the main influence in their development emotionally and mentally. Here again...hindsight...20/20. Bob


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