Sunday, June 19, 2005


When you cross the stateline and travel into Arizona you get the convenience of "milestones" or markers along the highway, that tell you how far into the state you've traveled. Sometimes the bottom number will tell you how far, in miles, it is to the next big city ie. Phoenix. Then when you return you can count down the miles as you exit the state. I don't think California has that. "Arizona Highways" used to be the title of a beautiful photo magazine of a state with a rich variety of landscapes. We had a collection of them.

As you go through life you can't help being reminded of certain "milestones" also. Betty and I had a wonderful time at parties celebrating several of these for our loved ones. Stone just turned five and had a scary "Halloween Birthday Party". We had to come late (I was not feeling well) so we missed much of the spooky fun. I did get to spend some happy times with him and his cousin Sophia. We did puzzles. He is getting so "grown up" with quite a great personality. He loves jokes. Five is an important "milestone" for Stone starting school and becoming more of an individual in his interests and play. I'm so proud of him.

Trevor, our third son, also had two more "milestones". He turned 36 on the 17th and had his 6th Father's Day today. It is hard to believe he is already that old. He is such a great dad and is involved in all the "camp-outs". I'm proud of him too. He is also quite a cook and so we got him a Waring-Pro Waffler that swivels. Shireen said he was the "waffle-man". What a great example he sets for his kids. He gave me an early birthday card and gift. He, true to my request, offered an "experiential gift" He wants to take a day off and come out to do the "casinos", dinner or take in a movie. I assured him I'd love to show him my new favorite game "World Tour Hold'em Poker".

Then we went to Larry and Peri's fabulous home and helped give Shane a surprise birthday party. This was number "30", a very important "milestone". I can't even remember my thirtieth. What a group of friends and relative had gathered. There was a gourmet dinner around the pool with exotic treats of all kinds; some I couldn't even identify. I had several helpings of the nan cooked there is a tandori oven. I watched Shane and Miriam dance. I saw Shelby watching videos with the other children. What a nice family. Larry and Peri are proud of him I'm sure.

Clark, Brett and Brooks called today to wish me a Happy Father's Day "milestone". Clark was early from Del Mar where he is selling spas. He was missing his little son who had stayed with him but had to go home so he could get some sleep. What a great dad he has become. Brett and Betsy called me at my office. I had to work. He is such a wonderful son, always has been. I'd love to see him more often. I told him and Betsy about this Blog. Thought they might enjoy it.
Brooks called on his way out to work at the "Beach House". He was sorry to miss me and said he'd call back tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to his call and news about how his illustrations are coming for this Blog. This will be my 39th Father's Day...duh...Clark is 39 years old. Wow! They sure have gone by fast. I barely remember my 60th birthday. Betty threw me a bash at our old home. It was wonderful.

I can't help but wonder how many more "milestones" I'll see on my journey. When will those markers start counting down on my trip across the "state of my life"? Where is/was halfway? (I've driven across Arizona on the way to New Mexico to visit my sister and didn't notice when or if they changed at all) Maybe it's better if I don't notice. Enjoy the journey, the scenery, the sites/sights. Otherwise..."milestones" might become "millstones". Bob


At 8:02 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

We were sorry we had to leave early from the party for Shane. I had to work the next day and we were tired. We got lost on the way home, missed our turn and wound up in "industrial San Bernardino". Fortunately, our car computer got us back on track and home safely. Bob


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