Thursday, June 16, 2005


Tomorrow I plan to attend the 1st Annual Lavender Festival. It is located just north of my home and workplace at the Highland Springs Resort in Beaumont. It seems to naturally fall between the Cherry Festival in Cherrry Valley and Beaumont and the Apple Festival at Oak Glen in the Fall. I feel it is part of my job to be an "expert" on living in, I can hardly remember the last time I had "aromatherapy"; especially with lavender.

When I think of lavender it conjures up images of little old ladies and bluish-purple hair. It reminds me of the old folksong: "Lavender Blue...dilly dilly..." Fortunately, don't have much of a "smell memory" and I'm sure I wouldn't recognize the perfume or odor of lavender. There are probably bars of soap with that smell. No wonder.

"123 Farm invites you to experience the allure and benefits of the captivating herb lavender. Our certified farm is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend by playing games, eating gourmet cuisine and detoxifying yourself through aromatheapy." There are sessions of yoga and message with lavender. There are educational tours where you learn about essential oils and hydrosols. All that and croquet, horseshoes and mini golf. Then you can dine on lavender infused beef brisket, salad lavender vinaigrette and honey-lavender chicken breast. For dessert: lavender brownies, tea cookies, lavender honey custard ice cream with lavender green tea and lavender milk.

I never knew this place was there. The last time I went up to the end of Highland Springs was for a quarterly conference sponsored by Pulte, my old builder. I was late and had to "sing" a song...their idea of a punishment. I love to sing and came forth with an old barbershop nugget, "My Wild Irish Rose". It actually was starting to snow and we moved inside to a clubhouse. I had to leave early but I understand there was quite a karaoke bar later with everyone quite "oiled" up. I don't remember smelling any lavender then. I wonder if its fragrance increases or reduces memory?
I wonder if my wife would like to go along. It is going on from the 17th to the 19th. We get busy on the weekends. Better check it out on Friday. More to tell people who want to buy in Beaumont.

I feel so at home here in folks told me that they lived in Beaumont back in early '39 just before I was born. You never know, maybe I was conceived near this very spot. My dad was working for the Southern Pacific Railroad on a signal gang. He was offered a promotion to come into L.A. and work as a "time keeper" for the railroad. They moved from Beaumont to East L.A. Just think what my life would've been if I had been born in Beaumont and grown up here...probably not all that different. We used to bring our boys out to pick apples, pears, cherries and berries in this area. Betty and I kept coming out and would freeze the berries we picked to have for many months to come.

I just don't remember any lavender in all my trips. Maybe my sense of smell isn't as perceptive as my sense of hearing. Certain smells do conjure up vivid memories. That'll be another reason to go. I'll do it on my "lunch hour". It should be very relaxing. Bob


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