Monday, June 20, 2005

Our New, Super Ark

We have recently gotten a new personal care kit. All our old ones were dead or dying. With all the earthquakes recently, four in the last week in California, we thought we'd best get something again. This one is good, it says, until Jan. 2010. It is so small: less than a foot long, 3/4 of a ft. wide and 3" high. It is sealed right now and will remain so until we use it...if ever.

It has food: 9 pre-measured servings which can last 1 person 3 days, food bars packed with vitamins and minerals. It is U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard approved. It has a 5 yr. shelf life and can withstand temperatures from 40 to -300 degrees. Where does it ever get that cold?

It has Water: Fresh, great-tasting water in packets, 6 of them with 4.225 oz. in each. These will withstand temps. from -40F to 210F. So, I guess they can't be boiled in the packet.

It has a Blanket: It is flexible, space-age material that retains up to 90% of the body's heat in cold and reflects heat for cooling in hot climates. That's us. It opens to 52" x 82.5". Goodbye hypothermia.

It has a Light Stick: It provides long-lasting illumination and is non flammable. That's what I've been striving for all along...a permanent lightning bug.

It has a Hand Warmenr: It is self heating for continuous warmth and easy to use.

It has a First Aid Kit: There are enough moist towelettes, bandages, sterile gauze pads with alcohol preps to cover 5 small wounds. There are 4 aspirin tablets and some anti-bacterial ointment.

It has Candle and Matches: Just one 4" candle and 50 waterproof safety matches.

Why they named it "The Ark" is beginning to dawn on me. There is a logo of a boat simular to the kind we think "Noah" would've used. And yet the packaging isn't waterproof. The concept has survived from Biblical times I guess. All life on earth was saved "two-by-two" except the Unicorn. They just wouldn't get on the Ark. My guess...their ancestors adapted to the sea and eventually became Narwahls. Don't you think? beloved? Bob


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