Thursday, June 09, 2005

Home Safe Home

I have the privelege of working for a very safety conscious company. We have monthly e-safety lessons with quizzes. Every meeting starts with a safety reminder. I have become much more safety minded. Safety means good judgement...never trusting luck...taking the time to eliminate unsafe conditions...being prepared to cope with unexpected situations. Safety means consideration...for the family that depends on you. Safety means remembering safety rules at work and home. Here are the highlights from a home safety checklist:

1. Are emergency phone #'s posted by your home phone?
2. Is your home address posted there too?
3. Are your house numbers visible from the street?
4. Has your family practiced an emergency escape plan?
5. Do escape windows open easily?
6. Do you all know how to operate the fire extinguisher?
7. Is your disaster survival kit well stocked and easily accessible?

Throughout the House:
1. Is that emergency kit conveniently located?
2. Is at least one family member trained in CPR and first aid?
3. Are cleaners, poisons and chemicals properly labeled and stored?
4. Are all stairways equipped with handrails?
5. Are stairs and hallways free of clutter?
6. Are electrical cords the right type and in good condition?
7. Have you avoided running extension cords under capets/rugs, across thresholds?
8. Are your smoke/CO2 detectors all working and in the bedrooms, halls, kitchen?
9. Are your circuit breakers properly labeled and easily accessible?
10.Does your fireplace have a proper screen or glass door?
11. Is your chimney cleaned annually?

1. Are small appliances unplugged when not in use?
2. Are electrical outlets near the sink GFCI?
3. Is the range fan filter and hood clean?
4. Are pot handles turned away from the edge when cooking?
5. Do you have a Class B fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

1. Are electrical appliances kept a safe distance from the sink and bathtub?
2. Are hair dryers and curling irons kept unplugged when not in use?
3. Are the plugs GFCI protected?
4. Are all prescription drugs out of the reach of children?
5. Have all outdated prescriptions been discarded?

1. Is the clothes dryer properly vented?
2. Is the lint screen clean?
3. Is the water heater temp. set at 130 degrees or less?
4. Is the funace or heater serviced regularly?
5. Are paint and fuel stored properly away from heat and flame?
6. Is there a self-closing, solid-core door between the garage and the house?

1. Are fetilizers and pesticides stored in marked, sealed containers out of the reach of kids?
2. Do you have/wear safety glasses when using power tools?
3. Do you have protective gloves ie. rubber and thicker for certain tasks?
4. Are combustible and waste materials kept well away from the building structure?

If you answered "No" to any of these, as I did, it might be time to take action. Bob


At 3:18 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

See my comment on the last blog entry, "Memory Foam". It has to do with a kitchen hazard that was devastating to us. I just happened to put it on the wrong blog at 3AM. Sorry. Bob


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