Friday, May 27, 2005

Blog Spam

I understand the New Hit Musical on Broadway is "Spam". It is a Monty Python take off and is up for several Tonis. One of the songs links Spam with Blogs...two made up words. They say it is a riot...if you remember the original song. It think spam is a combo of ham and ? spare parts ? of other meat. Blog is the combo of Web and log (as in journal) Made up words fascinate me. I suppose over the years I should have collected them. Betty and I have always had fun making up words between us of which only we know the difinition/origin.

I just got a new book from Blas Bleu called "Bloom's Bouquet of Imaginary Words" by Jeffrey and Carole Bloom. It is full of such examples: Compromice = Rats that settle for less, Alphapet = Top Dog, Anonymouse = Rodent with no name, Animall = Zoo, Catthroat = a ruthless kitty, Whinoceros = A large, thick-skinned bitchy mammal. This is just the first page.

Jeopardy just had on a category called "Palindroms" The had answers of "nun", "boob", "gag", "toot", "eke". They didn't get them all.

As kids, my sister and I used to make a game out of passing the: "tlas", "reppep", "klim" or "ragus".

Shel Silverstine's latest book published after his death was "Runny Babbit" Stone and Layla loved it when I read it to them, asking for help. I even wrote them a letter using that trick.

I cut out this cartoon in the L.A. Times from Danziger, titled Technology. It shows the corner of a bar where drinks are served. Two guys are commenting on a third guy who is at the other end of the bar word processing on his lap-top. "Remember when that tiresome old drunk used to sit and bore us to tears with his cockamamie theories and insane opinions?"..."And then, thank God, he got his own Blog."

Well, in this blog, I won't be doing that. I may be boring; I may be opinionated; I may be full of theories; But I'm not drunk...unless it is drunk with words, word-play and the ideas they conjure up. Bob


At 6:41 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Yes, I know now that I made a mistake on the musical title. It is "Spamalot" after the musical "Camalot". I just had a "brain-freeze" at the time. Price of getting old. OK? Bob

At 4:12 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

If you are curious about the title of my blog...scroll down and check out the first entry: "What's in a name?" Thanks, Bob


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