Monday, May 23, 2005

Handel Yourself

My first real contact with this name is when, in college, I got to sing along with several choirs at Christmas the "Messiah" by Handel. What a thrill! It was at the North Park Covenant Church with members of the North Park College Choir. I had never been in a singing group that size with that overwhelming sound accompanied by orchestra and pipe organ. "For Unto Us A Child Is born..." my favorite; I was singing bass at the time. Since then and now I have had to switch to tenor. I like both parts. I plan to sing it again this year with the L.A. Master Chorale at the Disney in their "Sing-along". I'm really looking forward to the Halleluyah Chorus where everyone stands because when it was first sung, the King of England stood.

I get a kick out of Bill Handel on the radio. He has a morning show I listen to when I drive into my Monday morning meeting in Corona. He's current, humorous and very out-spoken. He used to call it "Handel Yourself in the Morning". Most of the time I agree with him. I respect his stand on stem-cell research. He has another business that has to do with embryos and surragate parenting. Betty and I often listen to Handel On the Law and have checked out his website. Through it we have used Legal Zoom for our Living Will and Trust. I wanted to buy a Noritz tankless water heater, his sponsor, but the timing isn't right yet and we are not sure if it will handle constant recirculation of hot water which we now have.

Other associations with Handel are homophones...sound the same but spelled differently. What is your handle? Your name on the CB radios. "You can't handle the truth!" from a good movie. Handle your problems yourself. Handle your secret concerns. Be the master of your fate. This is my continuing challenge. This blog and thoughts about it have begun to help me get a handle on this part of my life. It is channeling my creative thoughts and urges into something that is useful and productive. It may appear as a bit of "self-promotion" ie. stroking oneself, bragging, but, to me, it is much more. Who knows where all of this might lead? A book? A poem? Publishing, historically, for some has been the first step to immortality. Dare I even think of that remote possibility? Why not? Handel, the Composer, lives on through his music. Bob


At 7:01 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

That would be George Frederick Handel. Couldn't think of it at the time. I think Bill Handel's first names are William Wolfgang. It may be a joke.


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