Sunday, May 22, 2005

Karmic Email

In the last five years have learned alot having to use email in my corporate setting. It can come back to "bite ya". It can be forwarded to others who you never intended for it to go to. I once, and only once, didn't notice who my answer was going back to and I had written something derrogatory about a company policy and it had gotten back to the boss. I had alot of "splainin" to do.

A good rule of thumb, "Never write/publish anything that you wouldn't want to be printed in the newspaper." I now keep my answers as brief and factual as possible. I don't initiate any emails that might be negative in their purpose and might deprecate someone else or their actions. Don't get "carried away" with rhetoric. I might use humor to suggest that certain things would be better if... ;-)

I still believe that "what goes around, comes around" and "the law of attraction" You put bad-vibes out the Universe or ethernet...and you attract them back. I think it happens alot faster with email, even faster than face-to-face communication. Telephone conversations, unless they're being recorded, are also not as karmic. It gets into the difference between libel and definitions. I think they require witnesses and email is certainly a "witnessed communication" It is also without the aid of non-verbal clues ie. facial expressions, inflexions, tone of voice, pauses etc. These would all temper/heighten a communique.

I do face-to-face best. I think most people do. The expedience of email causes it to lack that emotional content or get it added or imputed by the receiver/reader. Next best might be my phone demeanor. "It's a beautiful day in Carina. This is Bob. How can I help you?" Sometimes I change it to "gorgeous". I'm not being phony. It truly is all that to be helping people with something you know is worth it. Selling is karmic because you are putting out that positive vibe and helping others find what they need/want. As the Bard once wrote: "Brevity is the soul of wit." ...especially in email. Bob


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