Monday, May 16, 2005

The Sun Whose Rays

This is the title of one of my favorite songs from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Mikado" It is not a patter song but I like those too. This one is soft, smooth and calming. It has helped me in many ways recently.

I volunteer at our local elementary school called Sundance. I consult mainly and help with the glee club and plays etc. my joys from my former profession. They have a theme song about their school which involves the sun, their logo. I shared this song with them. The resident teacher/aide is also a retired teacher who teaches music. These teachers are rare or about extinct in Calif. The first verse tells the story that the emperor of Japan "needs to rule the Earth as the Sun rules the sky" They both know their worth and are not shy. This is the message that alot of elementary students need. Self Esteem and Stage Presense go hand in hand. One of the challenges of the glee club is that it is K-5. You have a range of attention spans and interests. It is not just for performance but for school spirit and music appreciation and learning another language ie. music.

Last week I had the wonderful responsibility of baby-sitting my new little grandson Soren. He is the Sun/Son in his father's eye. Clark has turned his life around since that wonderful person was born. We had gone to lunch and Clark had to stop by Home Depot and pick up a hose for his new garden. Soren was falling to sleep in the back seat in his car seat. I wanted to keep him asleep so I let Clark go into the store and I drove around the parking lot. I lullabied him with this song. From his little point of view, he too needs to rule his little world. He is their emperor. However, the second verse fits too. The moon reflects the suns glory...and so does Soren. You can see it when he and his father are together; even right from the hospital nursery where Clark got to go. Ah, the beauty of it. What a precious previledge. I don't think we, as fathers realize what a wonderful responsibility we have. I know I didn't realize it fully with my four sons as they were growing up. I hope it isn't too late. Bob


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If you want to see the reasoning behind the the title of this whole blog...scroll down and read the 1st entry: "What's in a name?" OK? Thanks, bob


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