Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pool Precautions

Summer is upon us and the use of the backyard pool will increase. Since the title of this blog is about Life Preservers, and my first entry is about that specifically; I think it is fitting that I reiterate my purpose. If you want to read my first blog, click on the May archive and "What's in a Name?" It is hidden there since I write almost everyday and there just isn't room to display them all at once.

All my grandchildren now live with a pool in their back yard. We used to have one too. However, our kids were older and knew how to swim when we got it. I think Stone and Layla know how to swim, no worries. However, Soren doesn't. His pool is fenced adequately. I checked it out, as did his parents, I'm sure. is a website that goes over precautions and gives tips to prevent drownings:
a Install alarms on doors and windows that lead to pools
a Have rescue equipment mounted by the pool
a Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation
a Enroll kids in swim classes
a Never leave a child alone near a pool, spa, bathtub, toilet or standing H2O
a Have a phone near the water
a Most kids don't yell for help, exhausted or struggling underwater, so watch

Kids can drown in almost any amount of water if it covers their nose and mouth. They wouldn't even get a chance to "BOB" OK? Bob


At 5:29 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

This is another entry in by blog that falls in line with the there of safety and self-preservation. I should have some pictures soon that illustrate it. Bob


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