Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wobble Bob

This is not only a new, multi-function clock for me but a new concept of survival. I'll have pictures of it here when I figure out what's wrong with my piece of crap, Kodak share ware. Ever since I down loaded umpteen million pixels of cruise pictures it hasn't responded to any transferring commands. I get so frustrated with these electronic gagets and yet I'm hooked by them too.

On my recent birthday outing to Victoria Gardens to see a movie that was only showing there ie. Lake House; we stumbled into a Brookstone and were attracted by the come-on poster in the door. With any purchase you got a Wobble Bob-5 Function Alarm Clock. It was kind of cute, egg-shapped with a multi-colored, back-lit, digital readout. The sales clerk informed us that all we had to do was buy the batteries and we'd get the clock for around $12.00. What a deal! We ended up getting some neat leather slippers with tempur-pedic soles, memory foam again. Couldn't resist that. That store and Sharper Image always suck me in. Can't pass them by in the malls. I guess it's like my ownership of the remotes in the house; just have to have them to tinker with.

This clock now virtually runs my life. Not only does it have the accurate time in blue; it has the room temperature F in red. I've set the alarm clock, in magenta for our daily meditating time as a reminder. In case I forget the day and date, that's in yellow. Then the count-down timer is set for 20 mins. in green. Again, that's for meditation. The alarm beep is so high pitched only I can hear it ie. dog ears. Now here's the wobble part. It doesn't light up unless it gets nudged. Then it wobbles and stays lit. This stops the timer alarms too. Just fascinating! Being egg-shaped (metalic, unpolished, smooth silver in color) it is quite modern looking on our coffee table. I just found out my daughter-in-law also has one. She took it to China and was all the rage.

I like the way it rights itself when disequilibrium is introduced by wobbling. This happens to me too, daily almost. I now not only bob, I wobble. I've observed myself. Mostly I react it with humor or a wry comment. Then I usually take stock and decide what reaction is called for...maybe none. These can be all the way from life's little frustrations and pet peeves to major goading and ego challenges. Meditation usually figures into the wobbling equation. Time to process and let it be. Financial concerns are minimal now and leave some wobble room. Having been a victim of fraud twice so far this year, I watch my account like a hawk and have a very close relationship with my bank. My CFP has had lots more action lately as he/they help us plan our retirement. There has been some wobble there too. Family worries and concerns continue as seems to be=par. Lots of wobbling and bobbing are needed here. Love is the underlying support and force with these on-going concerns. We want the best for our loved ones ie. their independence, happiness, self-reliance and self-sufficiency. They are wobbling too. Grandchildren are now so precious and wobble-worthy. Living, full time now, with my life-long love just gets better everyday. We wobble together so well since we almost know what the other is going to say or do before it happens. Lots of loving humor, a form of wobble, I think. Bob! (this post is totally composed of my own thoughts and opinions and I make no claim as to their authenticity or veracity; ie. just musings from an addled mind that has bobbed and wobbled much too often)


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