Monday, June 26, 2006

Snakes on Planes?

I just heard about this upcoming movie and the impact that "Bloggers", like me(?)might have on it. I can tell you, having recently been on a few airplanes, snakes wouldn't do too well on most of them. Humans, mammalians, most forms of life are struggling on them. Sardines should have it so good. Snakes, being cold blooded, seek warmth. There is a shortage of that on most of the planes we have been on and I don't just mean the "temperature warmth"(that too tho). I mean "service personnel warmth". Yes, "the milk of human kindness", by and large, is missing. I think it has alot to do with the financial crunch that most "carriers" are going through. Air Canada "coach class" was barely able to get up and down the aisles with their skinny little carts twice. They did hit us up for "duty free" gifts both going and coming though.

I truly believe there are "snakes" in other "public areas". We have just experienced another "security breach"/identity theft with our ATM account with Well Fargo. It was about 6 months ago that my card/pin number was stolen and used more that 3 times in the San Francisco area. Now, I just discovered by checking our accounts on-line that it has happened again. This time with my wife's card/pin in Florida. It's almost enough to just stop using "Debit/Credit Card" altogether. My wife rarely if ever even uses her card. I'm guessing that some "hackers" or "electronic thieves" have invented some software that "randomly generates card numbers and pin numbers until they "get lucky". It is both infuriating and scary.

"Snakes" as a symbol kind of carry a "mixed meaning". You have the "Caduceus" from Greek Myth. It is a winged staff with two snakes intertwined around it. Hermes carried one and it is used by the medical profession as their symbol. It probably comes from the ancient practice of "blood-letting". By the way, they don't recommend any of that kind of activity with "snake bites" anymore. No sucking out the venom, no turniquets, just get to the doctor fast without panic. No blood thinners like aspirin either. Which reminds me of a true incident my rheumatologist told me he had recently on a plane. He was inflight to Hawaii and got the call, "Is there a doctor in the house?"...on board?
A lady in first class was having a "heart attack or stroke". He said he reluctantly volunteered fully knowing the "state of letigiousness" and wrongful malpractice suits. He got her calm, and her husband too, only to find out that she had a whole "pharmacy" of pills in her carry-on bag. The husband didn't know which pill was for what and she was too out of it. The airline had an established "on-call" relationship with an "emergency room doctor" in Phoenix. He was finally contacted and his only recommendation (since my doctor had done everything else) was "give her an aspirin". The plane had none, some were found among the passengers and just as he was about to give her two, she "came to" and said, "Absolutely not!" Allergic to them! Can you imagine? Snakes abound!

I used to have a facination with "snakes" as a kid, especially "constrictors". I remember catching gopher snakes in our backlot. When I finished my "practice teaching" my "master-teacher" offered to give me his "pet snake" to start out my new classroom. My new wife put her foot down and said, "Absolutely not! Me or the snake." You see I would've had to keep it through the summer and at the time, we had no garage. No snakes in the house was/is "a rule" for I can see why "no snakes in the airplanes" could be a popular rule also. Maybe it's that whole "Adam and Eve" scenario. Bob!


At 1:06 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

How good are we at detecting snakes? Even with/among those we think we know? "Harry Potters" we're not. Interestingly Voldemort first appears as a "snake". Something primal about them...very "off-putting". Bob

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Bette said...

I have a negative feeling about Wells Fargo ever since our LLC got our loan for our office condo from them. I have never been so "in the dark" in the process of negotiating a loan and it was a BIG one. The lack of communication was astounding. They communicated well at the beginning when they were selling us on getting the loan from them. Once accomplished......nothing, nada, zip!


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