Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day! May Day!

This exclamatory title has several meanings for me. It was taught to me as the "International Distress Signal" in the Navy. Fortunately, I never had to use it. It may now conjure up some distress today as we are experiencing the "nationwide boycott" by those who are supporting the "illegal aliens" in this country. I haven't noticed any lessening of "services" so far today, have you? I did get my car washed and it was very busy and there was plenty of "help". The manager was "excited" walking around saying how he was "proud of his men...who showed up" and had expected the opposite. This blog has not tried to be "political" but, since I'm changing its theme abit, I'll venture this opinion: Our "work force" is not that highly dependent on "illegal aliens" and they are not taking jobs that we "natives" or "legals" won't do. They are just willing to work for a wage that can't and won't suppport a family here and they would rather send it "home" to their families. They don't really want to be "citizens" of our "illustrious country"...they just want the "benefits" ie. using the emergency rooms and urgent cares as their "regular doctor", our school's free education etc. I would like them to try and learn English and sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" in English. I'd like them to pay taxes and insurance. I know, dream on...

This Day is also considered the "First Day of Spring", not like the vernal equinox. Traditions from Europe have brought us May Day Celebrations which is like "maying in England". I don't think it has any "occult undertones", but I haven't looked up on the internet either. I know when I went to grammar school, way back, 60 years ago we had a "May Day Celebration" and I was picked "King of the May" in my Kindergarten class...I don't really know why...maybe I just made a nice partner for the "Queen", another kindergartener. We learned the "maypole dance" of intertwining ribbons. It was beautiful and fun. Talking to the the Kindergarten Teachers I volunteer at today, they were "wary" and wanted to do "something" but also wanted to be "politically correct" afraid to affend some group or minority. Too bad... I shared with them some more "spring songs" for the kids to learn. Again, they had never heard of them. ie. "Over in the Meadow..."When I first came to this Land"..."Sakura"(Cherry Blossoms)...very appropriate for this area with its upcoming Cherry Festival in Cherry Valley. Then we retaught "Love is Something"... they like that one.

After that I went to Wal-Mart and bought their last copy of Bruce Springsteen's new CD "We Shall Overcome" - "The Seeger Sessions". Love it! Brings back all those song I used to sing and play and even teach ie. "Old Dan Tucker", "O Mary Don't You Weep", "John Henry", "Erie Canal", "Jacob's Ladder", "Shenandoah", "Pay Me My Money Down", "Froggie Went A-Courtin'" It has a DVD side too. These would be good songs for our "illegal aliens" to learn don't you think?

I then went to the monthly meeting of the CRTA...(retired teachers) at the Sizzler. We heard Dr. Mark J. Zacovic, New President of Mount San Jacinto College. He enthusiastically explained the up-coming "bond issue" for $750 million over 30 years. Badly needed maintenance of 40 year old buildings and a new "satellite campus" here in Banning. It will increase the taxes on the average home about $30. ie. $20. per $100. assessed valuation...a bit more for us, I think. Worth it? Yes, I plan to take classes there, maybe even teach. It would save on gas, not to have to drive to Hemet.

So, "May Day" holds the "seeds" for some promising ventures and possibilities. June will soon be "bustin' out all over" and we'll see where we are then. Bob!


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