Saturday, May 06, 2006

From Joy's Loveliest Ocean

From joy's loveliest ocean
there's a flood springing.
Embark all, and set to -
to the oar your strength bringing.
No matter its burden,
our boat sorrow-laden
(if death comes, so let it)
moves through the waves winging.
From joy's loveliest ocean
there's a flood springing.
Who cries from behind us
of doubt or of danger?
Who harps on their fears now,
where fear is no stranger?
What curse. or stars' showing
has frowned on our going?
Hoist a sail to the wind now
and we'll move on singing.
From joy's loveliest ocean
there's a flood springing.
Rabindranath Tagore
This beautiful poem by the revered Indian philosopher and poet resonates with me today and for my "new paradigm". Lately I have had that indescribable intuition that, for me, there truly is an "ocean of joy" there for my bobbing and diving. I am beginning to tap into its "singing" and "winging" as I meditate (pray). It is so effortless and blissful. The worries and concerns of my "earthly plane" are of little consequence there.
We are also embarking on many new "friendships" today as we "party" at a potluck of almost 40 "Celebrity Cruisers". Yes, this is our "pre-cruise" get-together in Huntington Beach. It ought to be fun meeting all those who are also "willing to brave the seas and oceans" of this world for new and exciting adventures. We are entering into a shared "destiny" in a part of the world that has not always been that friendly. We bring our goodwill and hopefully, "non-ugly americanism". I hope to see the "birthplaces of democracy" in Greece. I'm also looking forward to Turkey and the border between Eastern and Western philosophies and religions. The three major religions were founded in this area, all with the common "founder" Abraham or Ibrahim. I'm currently reading a wealth of "fiction" about "The Templars", "The Cathars", and the "Gnostic Gospels". Perfect for the sites/sights I'm planning to see...after I cross my "oceans of joy" at least twice a day. Bob!


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