Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crafton Hills College

This is our local Junior College. It is nestled in the rolling hills above Yucaipa. It has been there for awhile. You can just make out the main buildings from the I-10 freeway. It is smaller, as colleges go in this area. It is not so "metro" or modern like some of the other campuses I have seen. ie. San Jacinto which is just over the hill near Hemet. I had occasion to pay it a visit recently.

It has some fond memories for me. It was probably 10 or 15 years ago and I was taking courses out of U.C. Riverside for a "Supplementary Credential" in Math and Science. In the course of two years, going partime twice a week, at night, I was promised I could "beef up" my General Elementary Life Credential with a few extra courses in the "college prep" Math and Science that were needed badly in our districts. I was grooving on it. I love to learn and I love a challenge. The Math classes were extremely hard and we had to have a "tutor" to help us with some of the algebra and calculus. The Science, for me, was easier. I especially got into the Earth Sciences, Astronomy and Physics. We had good teachers.
I'll never forget Dr. Pam Klute and her exciting way of teaching Math. She had us tied together and showed us how to get loose using "topology" or was it "topography"? They had a school garden and I also did field work at our own Santa Ana Botanic Gardens in Claremont at the time.

One of the best classes that I really looked forward to, especially the field trips, was Geology. It was contracted out to Crafton Hills College and their famous Geology Prof...can't think of his name right now. We learned more in that class than all the rest. We learned, first hand, about the geological history of where I live now...the Pass area east of Yucaipa. He had literally "tons" of specimens and samples for us to experiment with. It was also a small class with lots of personal attention. If ever I would want to go back to college, just for fun mind you, this is what I would want.

I'd probably take classes in Writing and English. I'd like to improve in this area and eventually write something that could be published or sold. Blogging is fun, journaling is something I've done for years off and on. I'm just wondering if I could hack it again. I'd also love to take music theory and learn more about this love in my life. I could take the classes for credit or just audit for fun. This, of course, would mean that I had much more free time than I do now. Who knows, this may be where my life will take me next... after I sell all the real estate in Beaumont and Banning. Bob ;-)


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