Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Laguna Lagoon

Spent the day in Laguna, CA. We got there around 11:A.M. It was 88 degrees when we left the Inland Empire. It felt like a different climate and country down there by the ocean. It was cool, moist and breezy...I'd say high 60's. I forgot a jacket and was kind of cold as we ate brunch on the patio of the new Cedar Creek restaurant. I used the two cloth napkins to cover my bare knees.

Laguna hasn't changed that much. We probably hadn't been down there to the three different Art Exhibits for 5 or 6 years. Laguna is a "state of mind", a world unto itself in my book. Even though the roads down there have changed and been modernized, the destination and the local vistas are the same. Route 133 is the last toll road we take after 241 and it used to be a quaint, two-lane, winding mountain road. We looked forward to seeing "Laguna Lagoon" and "dinosaur country" with gigantic rocks. All seemed to be missing, or plowed up. As you descend into that Canyon Rd. you do fell like entering a "lagoon" of cooler air. It seems to step back in time too, with signs for "sixty-ish" clothes and instruments ie. tie-dyes and plectrum dulcimers. Bearded men and "wildly dressed" homeless or street characters walking around; some with too much make-up and over-dressed doggies, just begging for a comment or a "look".

The opening display at the more formal and expensive Festival was a whole table full of sweat shirts with Route 66 and Route 133 on them. Their theme this year was "On the Road" and there were lots of paintings of highways. Probably harkening back to the recent battles they have had over the use/abuse of that canyon road 133. Lots of sculptures, blown glass and jewelry. The Art A-Fair has become alittle nicer. It is more built up, they all have more impressive facades. It has a lovely waterfall in the back and a cute restaurant. The Sawdust is about the same with mostly crafts and artisan's working. We counted only 3 actual booth that we were even tempted to enter to look at more closely. It is alway stimulating for Betty after being there, to get out the brushes...she could do better than many on display. They have some smelly food stands also and we were still full from brunch and that rich dessert. We even split everything.

We rode the free tram back downtown and looked through some shops; bought another grandchild gift and just watched people. We sat on a bench by the "boardwalk" next to the newly installed sand and crassly kevetching elder couples catching the rays. Two new volleyball courts have sprouted right in the most populous area. It was still rather overcast and pleasantly warm. We didn't feel the need for sun-blocker cream. Took my picture next to the Life Guard Stand. Some old haunts are gone or totally changed. Fahrenheit 451 is gone. Wyland is greatly reduced. Only the wall-to-wall traffic persists; even on a Monday. On the way out we drove by several, virtually vertical streets leading to "Blue Bird Canyon" I suppose. Crazy people perched on all those cliffs just to catch the air and the views. They "can't-a-leave-her"...get it? Guess they'll have to now. The "Laguna Lagoon" sucked them in. Bob


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