Thursday, July 14, 2005

Smart Water

My sister put me on "Smart Water" when I got there in Santa Fe. I must've had 4 bottles by now and I don't feel any smarter. I guess you have to drink it for awhile longer. It tastes like ordinary water and looks the same. It is in a snappy new bottle with a re-sealable cap. It is made by a company named Glaceau and the bottle has redemption value in several states. It has the word "Sport" on it in an another I think that's the have to be a "Sport" for it to really affect you. You know me, "Mr. Sport". Maybe it makes you more "sporty" too. Boy, along with my "memory foam" on which I'm still my sister's too, I should be in pretty good shape.

Maybe the people that marketed it are the "Smart Sports". They certainly have taken that step that "differentiates" them from all the other bottled waters. It is sold at Trader Joe's or the Whole Food Store, I'm not sure it is in the regular stores; so they can charge more for it. It is "electrolyte enhanced"! Don't electrolites make you glow like a battery? Does my body need more electrolytes? I thought I already had an electric personality and a sparkling wit.

Along the side of the bottle is a guage that shows some real marketing savy. It is labeled "your brain on smart water". Near the top, with just alittle amount being drunk it says: "last person picked for kickball"...yes, I remember that. Alittle farther down: "first player on the bench" we're getting somewhere. "electrolytes flowing" next down, almost halfway. Next: "you bought spandex?"...I've never! Then: "me. strong like bull." now you're talkin'. "85% hydrated" and finally..."captain of your team (debate team)! Now that's marketing...bull...

There is also a standard nutrition Facts with percentages...very official...all equaling 0% of M.D.R. Above it is a clever bit of prose..."if you find the idea of being purer and moister disturbing, please place the bottle back where you found it and continue on your dirty, arid way." Wish I had thought of this. Actual ingredients down below: (in order of importance and greatest quantity) vapor distilled water + electrolytes (calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate) Probably in most waters around the world in some form/quantity or another.

I've heard that people who workout alot and really sweat do need to replace electrolytes so...this is probably very good for those of us who actually do that. I would never admit that I do..."never let them see you sweat!"...I perspire but usually not from over-exercising. It was only 107 degrees today so I tried to stay inside. It felt more humid than usual. It felt kind of weird. Maybe that's why I'm going on so much about this. Check me tomorrow. Bob


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