Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The ABC's of Aging Gracefully

You can get this in plaque form by ordering it from Bas Bleu, a bookseller-by-post. It has some very weird and unusual books and things that I am tempted by regularly. It might be good to have these in plaque form on the wall to be reminded about...from time to time. See if you agree with all or some or even none of them. Can you guess which ones I'm still working on?

Avoid collagen. Bloom late. Celebrate. Dance at parties. Eat more chocolate. Fall in love again. Go grey. Hold hands. Inspire. Jettison grudges. Kiss like you mean it. Laugh. Mend fences. Nurture friendships. Open doors. Perspire with aplomb. Quit whining. Rekindle romance. Spoil your grandchildren. Teach someone to read. Upset convention. Volunteer. Wear red. eXpect joy. Yield gracefully. Zing!

Yes, I've changed it a bit...might be copyrighted. I've got the greying down. Betty and I do hold hands even at Disneyland. I still sweat alot. I'm trying to spoil my grandkids...but it is tricky. I do volunteer, at two schools and I still love to Zing (Sing). I'm eating less chocolate, Dr.'s suggestion. I have a number of red ties I still wear for work...we have to. Most of the rest, I'm still working on, making some progress. Dancing has been curtailed with my "titanium hip". The ones I'm working on the hardest?...aha, wouldn't you like to know? Bob


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