Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Dying Breed?

Is extinction threatening our unique breed? We Bloggers must unite! Somehow we must propagate. I'm doing my part. I even have cards I pass out to those who might be interested in reading my journal of thoughts and opinions. I have registered my "blogging theme" with the Writer's Guild for future "spin-offs" (attempt at humor)

In a recent article in our Press Enterprise entitled, "Burnout Thinning Ranks of Bloggers", Jon Tevlin of the McClatchy sites these signs: The Technology firm of Gartner Inc. has announced that 2007 may be the year the blog world loses steam - there were more than 56 million active weblogs (blogs) in Oct. of 2006, according to Technorati, but the average life span is three months and declining. (I've been doing my blog since March of '05 with about 2 or 3 posts a week!...lately maybe once a week) There are already 200 million ex-bloggers. The peak number worldwide will be about 100 million before July. Today's exuberance will level off to a stasis of at least 30 million active bloggers and 30 million frequent community contributors worldwide.

The reason, according to Gartner, is that people have gotten bored with their blogs, or just found the responsibility - not to mention the strain - of saying something profound or even interesting every day just isn't worth it. (Here, I totally disagree. I usually find something everyday in the two newspapers I subscribe to or the several magazines that suggest topics of interest. Then there is always what is happening to me in my "retirement world" i.e. going back to college, singing with my barbershoppers, going to concerts and reviewing them, shopping, playing with games and puzzles such as my nintendo DS "Brain Age" etc. or tutoring at the Kindergarten and Middleschool or gambling at the local casinos)

"A lot of people have been in and out of this blogging thing," says Daryl Plummer, chief Gartner fellow. "Everyone thinks they have something to say, until they're put onstage and asked to say it." (Aha! No wonder I like it...I'm at ease on the stage, having taught drama of some sort all those years.) However, I just took the "Online test" for Jeopardy and it was a "humbling experience" to say the least. You get only 15 seconds to read the question and type in the the answer before the time runs out on you. Most of the time, I had an answer, maybe right, but time had gone. We watch the show every night and usually do pretty well without the question phrasing and the pressure of time. They don't stage the "Seniors Contests" anymore...not that entertaining I guess.

What I've also noticed is that alot of our up and coming, younger generation doesn't have "time" to bother with the newspaper or printed media. They get what they need or all they want off the TV or the internet "sound bites". No "in depth" coverage or fascinating "human interest" stories. These are perfect for Blogs in my book. Too bad for them, living life at such a "surface" level. The metaphor I like is the "bobbing" I do when I meditate...going deeper each time in that "sea of consciousness". Maybe that will come with age. Come to think of it, I was pretty busy and stressed out when I was suppporting my family with at least two jobs. I should not criticize my juniors without remembering what we went through. Just glad to be here and blogging and bobbing away. Bob!


At 8:32 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

I must confess that another reason that I blog is "lonliness". Not in the sense you are probably thinking but, "intellectually". I'm just looking for others who might think like me or have an opinion about something I do...or think it is "important". Don't we all tend to do this in some way or other? Bob!


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