Saturday, December 30, 2006

Smash Hit Musical Turns Historical Irony?

We were watching "Final Jeopardy" last night when the Network broke in with "Breaking News". We were rather frustrated because we thought we knew the answer.(question) "It is the longest running Musical in History based on a novel written in 1911." We thought it was "Cats" and the literary work was t.s. elliot's. We later found out that that was wrong. It was "Les Miserables" based on Victor Hugo's book by the same name. That struck me then as being rather ironic, historically. The "Breaking News" was the confirmation of the hanging of Saddam Hussein in Bagdad. I know, you think I'm reaching here...but hear me out.

More than 100 years ago, The French Revolution bitterly raged. Innocent peasants were starving in the streets while the Royal Government was oblivious ie. "Let them eat cake." They rose up, following in our country's footsteps and revolted. Many were killed, and guillotine then. (Iraq uses hanging) This was a "Class War" and not a "Religious War". It was not "Sectarian Violence" is was hunger. There was no oil wealth but there were distinct classes of the "haves and have nots".

All over the media today there is speculation that this execution might signal or cause some kind of change in the near-civil-war violence. (by the way, death in 3's...Brown, Ford and Saddam) So far no great reactions or retaliations have been seen. And yet, the steady rate of suicide bombings continues...and the U.S. death toll is the greatest at 108 for December alone. When are we going to see that...again...History Repeats Itself!

I know, I had promised myself that this blog would not get into politics and/or religion but how can one ignore what is happening? Even President Ford, who we honor, as being true and loyal made a tape, not to be released until after his death, saying that going into Iraq was/is a mistake. It begs the question, would we be so involved, even after 911, if Gore had been elected? We'd probably be working more on the "Global Warming" (see previous blog/notes) which seems just as hopeless. The difference would be that our "best and brightest young men and women" wouldn't be dying at record rates in a land and for a cause that seems not to be our own. Oh yes, War on Terror, fight them "over there" so we won't have to here...hah! In this modern society, it is already everywhere. And yet there is no real "exit strategy" no real "victory" and forget about forcing "Democracy and Freedom" on a Culture that hasn't/won't take the "baby-steps" necessary to grow into even wanting it. Then you've got the neighboring countries and their policies of allowing radical groups to form and go into Iraq and continue the mayhem.

If it didn't truly look like the "Latter Days" to in heading to "Armagedon" I'd be willing to bet that in 100 years or so there would be a Smash Hit Musical on the Broadways of the World entitled: "Les Innocentes" Yes, it would be "a novel" but it would have lots of "truthiness" ie.
100's of thousands being blown up, fanatical dictators being hanged, sectarian battles of Shite brother against Sunni brother (just like "Kite Runner" see previous blog/post) with the same historic father, Abraham/Ebrahim and oblivious government leaders who are more concerned with saving face, saving oil and bringing Democracy and Freedom to all the "down-trodden" of the world. It would get rave reviews because it was so true to life and true to history. ie. "Man's inhumanity to MAN." ...barely able to...Bob!


At 8:39 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

During this Holiday Season, when we annually think of Peace and the Prince of Peace's birth, I can only say World Peace, as impossible as it seems to achieve, can only be approached on a very personal level. I feel "peaceful" when I hear/contemplate "Silent Night" and its message. Check out this moving website/download: Bob! 12/31/06

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Bette said...

AMEN to your comments, my brother, Bob.

Peace has to begin on an individual level.

I felt sad at the passing of Gerald Ford. My memories of him are good. He was the same man personally as he presented himself to the public professionally.

His wife, Betty, also to be admired for leading the way in openness and honesty.


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