Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Word of the Day: Inkhorn

I subscribe to's Word of the Day. Today's word is "Inkhorn", a new one for me. It means: 1. Affectedly or ostentatiously learned; pedantic. 2. A small bottle or horn or other material used for holding ink. It derives from the name for the container formerly used (beginning in the 14th century) for holding ink, originally made from a real cow's horn. Hence it came to refer to words that were being used by learned writers and scholars, using ink, but which were unknown or rare in ordinary speech. It probably has nothing to do with "Greenhorn" or "Lena Horne" or "Horn of Plenty"(cornucopia) or an "alpine horn" and I could go on...but that would be rather "inkhornian" don't you think? Now, at least, I have a name for what I like to do, or seem to do ie. play with words/meanings. I really don't mean to be pedantic or pedgogical but, after almost 40 years in the classroom, I just can't help it.

I just finished my Music Theory Final. Wow! I hadn't realized all the things I had learned. A ton of terms for musical stuff I usually just did or assumed were right without any reason. I think I now know what a cadence is and the different types. I know that I love phrases and progressions and even modulations (although none were on the test). I was also prepared with notes on the history of music but that wasn't called for either. I don't think I ACED it ("ace" being notes in a triad) but I felt that I showed I had learned something. I had a fine professor; very open to suggestion, witty and I hope to take him again ie. Music Theory Part 2. (maybe next year) I also enjoyed performing once again at the "Jazzy Christmas Concert" we had. It went well and I was surprised at the turn out. I enjoyed the director and have a new respect for what he is trying to do there. I have had a sore throat for more than a week now and I was still able to reach all my notes, sometimes using falsetto. I sound like a bass now when I talk. I have also come to appreciate all those years of singing with Mountainside Master Chorale and the Barbarshop groups. I have gotten a practical music (theory) education just by the years of experience. Hopefully, I can share that now with fellow students, those I tutor and even my grandchildren.

Friday is my last final...Art History. I'm really "inkhorned" in that subject. I've learned so many new terms, styles, etc. and now the challenging part is knowing the relative dating of all those objects of Art. Here again, I have really enjoyed my professor. She had quite a sense of humor and perspective for her young age. ie. Her dog has the given name of "Gieselbertus" who was a Romanesque Sculptor of the "Last Judgement" St.- Lazare, Autun, France. He knew how to sculpt those demons in hell weighing the "lost souls". Probably some deserving "inkhorns" in the lot. Best not to be too ostentatious and pedantic...unless you like to Bob!


At 2:05 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Another new word this week: "Wikipedia". It is a website where anyone can edit/contribute to an online/growing "encyclopedia". Isn't that just so like the to all information and misinformation. Bob!


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