Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trevor Goodchild + Aeon Flux

Two very interesting names don't you think? I especially like the the first...a bias of mine. It smacks of such genuine heroic proportions. The writers of first a TV show and now a movie must've thought so too. In their Sci-Fi Thriller taking place in the 25th century, he is first a villain and then a hero along with his former wife and heroine Aeon Flux. She is a "monokin" and very special genetically. In the title role Aeon is first sent to assassinate him as the protagonist and then she turns with him to fight the real antagonist, his evil brother Orin.

This plot may sound familiar to many. It comes from ancient mythology and from the Bible. Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his jealous brothers all had the same cathartic problems with each other. I think you can site more "problem brothers" than "buddy brothers" down through the ages. I can only think of David and Jonathan as a positive example for now. Orin, the second in command to his brother, Trevor, hatches a plot to unseat his brother and keep the old regime going. Trevor, nobly, has been trying to discover a cure for the fatal disease that has made everyone sterile. Orin knows that Trevor is succeeding but has been executing the evidence of his success. I don't want to tell the full plot and spoil it for my "vast readership" but I'm saying that it does keep you guessing and engrossed.

Then there is the beautifully designed, starkly modern scenes and costumes of Aeon. She is the tall and athletic Charlize Theron. She fits into her surroundings which are all ultra modern and quite graphically creative. One of the key co-conspirators with Aeon is her colleague monokin Cynthantra. She has hands for look out. (no match for Aeon though) My favorite Aeon feature is her deadly...whistle. She has such strength; not only physical, but moral and mental. She is wonderful example of what many of our women today aspire to be...invincible, indomitable, self-sufficient. "Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound". Yes, it's a brave new world out there and this movie/TV show sure brings it on. Enjoy! Bob!


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