Thursday, August 03, 2006


I just received an excellent suggestion from a long time friend of mine. I think it is very fitting for my blog and the underlying theme, ie. "Life Preservation". The initials I.C.E. in this case stand for "In Case of Emergency"...not some new "rapper". The suggestion with these initials is that everyone who carries a cellular phone should put these letters in the phone's memory and they would be connected to the one person or persons that you would want notified "in case of emergency" and you were unconscious. This person might just be your next of kin or loved one or someone who would know who to call and what emergency procedures should be followed. It is also suggested that "ICE1" or ICE2 and so on be used for a priortized list of those who need to know of your emergency. They could also be other numbers for the same person just in case the first number, say, a cell number is down or turned off.

As I was programming our cell phones I mentioned this to my wife. Oh oh..."a different kind of ICE"...It seems she told me to do that several month ago. Her sister and brother-in-law had done it and suggested we do the same. I have no memory of this suggestion at all and of course, never did it. Big trouble! Paying more attention to my email friends/suggestions than my wife's. Big no-no. I'm thinking this is not my unique problem. Many "long-time", "survivor-husbands" have probably developed a "syndrome" that I'm now going to call "I.C.E" for "Inconsistant Concentration Energy" It is sort of an off-shoot of the "Yes, honey...(nod)" modus operandi that we all have had to adopt/adapt just to "survive". Some other names might be..."Inconsiderate Concern Envelope" or "Insouciant Conjugal Entropy". Can you think of some others? I'm guessing it is a habit developed over years of hearing "talk" in the background, especially on the phone. She and her sister spend hours there. My suggestion is that there be a physical gesture or sign when she wants me to really listen and take notes. What do you think? Bob!


At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Bette said...

I think it's called "mindfulness". How about "Involve yourself in the Current Event"???

At 11:05 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

You have a point Sister. Of course, the assumption is...there is a "mind" there. I think it is slipping away...going, going, gone! Not the first thing to go either! Bob!


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