Thursday, January 05, 2006

Turn out the lights, the party's over.

It was fun while it lasted. I enjoyed every minute of it...almost three years, 34 games, breaking all kinds of records and it all came down to 19 seconds and another college football team who just wouldn't give up. Yes, it was a "nail-biter" and my "second half team" who had come back and led by 12 points could not contain the long horn quarterback. Would he pass? Would he run? Would he scramble? He was "in-Vince-able" last night again in the Rose Bowl. The only "help" I think he had, other than a team who knew how to block for him running or passing was a "disputed" -lack of a call- in the first half when he lateraled from his knees and his team mate ran for a touchdown. A time out should've been called and a "video review" should have taken place. There were other "questionable calls" on both sides.

There were so many brilliant "team work" plays made by my Trojans and I think they don't need to feel ashamed. They were "putting it altogether" in the 3rd and 4th quarters with a multiple attack alternating between "up the middle" with LenDale, "around the ends" with Reggie and "pin-point passing" with several different receivers and Leinert. ie. the "hook-em horns" did just that on the Trojan's last touchdown when two defenders literally "rammed" into each other while Byrd(?) jumped high above them and stretched for the end zone. One went off with his arm in a splint. I think that "galvinized" Texas as a team and from then on they had a "mission". Bush's unsuccessful attempt to lateral was also another "turning point" in the eroding of the Trojan team confidence. Then, when they did get a touchdown, there was excessive "celebrating" on the side lines with all kinds of involved choreographic dances as though it was "won" or "over" and it really wasn't. I'm not going to say, "Pride cometh before..." but there is a taint of that "old saw".

What I liked and, I think, can be learned by all this "gamesmanship" is that my guys, "never gave up" and "Fought On!" which has been their motto and philosophy. Their conditioning was very evident late in the game when the other team's players were having to be subbed because of "cramps" and, I would guess, "fatigue". This all speaks to their "daily discipline" and physical training. It goes hand-in-mind with their "mental toughness" also. They had the confidence to keep trying, even though, at the end it was looking bleek ie. get in a position to kick a field goal and tie, but no, they tried to sping Bush loose...and he almost made it. "Almost" just isn't good enough for "National Championship" All "good things" must come to an end and at least it came (the end) in the ultimate bowl game...look out next year! They will be back...My Trojans, I mean. And so will their loyal supporters. Bob!


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