Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas "05

This is the specially printed program of our "Holiday Extravaganza". I'm sure it is the first annual performance of our "Grand" Children. It had piano solos, dancing, solo singing, joke-telling, group singing, you name it. The kariokee(?) mic and loud speaker was a key feature. Cameras were flashing, Gramma was dancing with Stone, Shelby was such a sweet soloist. Beginning piano lessons were quite evident. It was a group effort and well planned. This was one of the real "joys" of Christmas for us.

Above and to the right is a special gingerbread house made by the Burgan Family at a special event at Downtown Disney. It was the centerpiece on the kitchen island of a wonderfully delicious feast provided by all. It started with "Fruta Soupa" and "Cardamon Coffee Cake", Senseo Cofffee and delightful finger food. Then, after the "gifting extravaganza" the dinner was displayed and servered. Trevor was at his best and in his element with the "roast beast" and special traditional, requested dishes. Shireen brought it all together with her ability to organize and decorate. She introduced and "won" the "hit game" of the day called "Left, Right, Center" with real one dollar bills. It is played with 3 dice, so labeled plus a dot which indicated that the tosser could keep the money in front of him/her. It was great fun. Everyone had their favorite gifts to give and receive in the spirit of the day. It was only slightly damped by the sickness (fever) of Layla and Brooks. There was talk and guessing of the "chosen name" of a baby girl expected in May by Miriam and Shane. No secret names were revealed.

There were 3 or 4 cell phone calls to and from Clark and Soren at their Xmas celebration. We missed them and will see them tomorrow no doubt. Clark has been home now more often with his new job being closer and regular hours. He and Soren are such "buddies". Soren may also have a new brother or sister soon. We, grandparents, are so blessed with these wonderful kids and grandkids. We wish we could see them all more often. Maybe when I retire for good this next year that will be more of a possibility...I hope...good health continuing.

The first recorded celebration of Christmas on December 25 took place in Rome in 336 A.D. Church fathers designated Dec. 25, the birthday of the popular pagan god Mithras, as Jesus's official birth date. The celebration of the birth of Christ also took over the pagan winter solstice holiday, which like the birthday of th sun god Mithras, fell in late December. From thereon December 25 was to be observed as a holy mass, or "Christ's Mass. Christmas is from the Old English words for Cristes maesse, "the mass of festival of Christ". The exact date of the Nativity is not known, but even in pre-Christian times the period from Dec. 25 to Jan.6 -now known as the "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - was considered a special time of year. The abbreviation "Xmas", thought as sacrilegious by some, is entirely appropriate. The letter X (chi) is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ.

I've heard that if the baby Jesus was born around, what is now Mother's Day, he would've been conceived(?) around Dec. 25th. I also heard that a turkish monk from Istanbul/Constantinople who eventually became St. Nicolas was the the one who established the tradition of giving to others (less fortunate?) and that his birthday has been honored in many different names (like Santa Claus) So it is a multicultural day of feasting and giving and honoring children and the birth of them...they are our hope and continuation in the future. We love the so. Bob!


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