Monday, November 28, 2005

Mr. Avatar and "God's Debris"

I'm currently reading this throroughly fascinating and thought provoking "essay" called "God's Debris" by the fellow who writes Delbert. It was sent to me by Trevor. I'm about halfway through it and it has opened up all kinds of new thoughts and probabilities for me.

First of all, the "wise old man" who expounds on all these theories and explanations is called, "Mr. Avatar". That had a familiar, quasi-religious ring to it. I looked it up. 1. It is from Hinduism. One that is regarded as an incarnation, esp. of Vishnu (a head god in that religion) 2. an embodiment or exemplar; archetype. I think the author is trying to connect to this ancient tradition to help his credibility. Clever.

The coin-toss example as an example of "probability", one of the two "constants" for "God's Debris" Has been often referred to in literature. What I was reminded of was Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and his two minor characters, "Rosencrans and Gildenstern" In that scene, if I'm not mistaken, they are discussing the flipping of a coin which always comes up the same and defeats the "so-called" 50/50 probability. Then they realize that they are "dead" and not in reality. Hamlet also toys with this same thought/reality when he muses, "To be, or not to be..." Our "reality is truly a product of the "delusion" that we have currently settled for...whether it's working for us or not.

In Mr. Avatar's discussion of "time", my immediate connection was to one of my favorite Musicals, "Brigadoon". I think I know now why it has alway been so fascinating to me. The clans of the wee town of Brigadoon made a pact with their "concept of God" because of some tragic event, and they never age (or age very slowly). The poor "modern blokes" get the miraculous privilege of visiting this strange anomily of a town and it truly upsets their lives in different ways. How bound we all are by our own sense of "time" and "custom"...and what is working for us. To be continued "she who must be obeyed" wants to "go out and do something"...Bob


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Bette said...

Well, I read it this week-end. I feel like I need to read it more than once. But here are some initial thoughts: I'm in sink with the "awareness" part, that's very much akin to the mindfulness I teach and practice. You know, the only power really available to us is the power of this present moment; the past is gone, the future ain't here yet. I do think being present in the moment will effect our future, however. The other part that I resonated with was the philosophical stuff on how you view life, or truth, or whatever you want to call it. As you know, my psychotherapy practice specialty is called Dialectical (Bx Therapy). He is presenting dialectics here in this book and I'm right there with him. Truth is dynamic, made up of thesis and antithesis. When they join or come together you have a NEW Truth, and on and on it goes with truth; it's not absolute, it's not cause/effect, it's dialectical.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

I finally finished reading it too. I've ordered the "sequel" The Religion War". It was good to read in his words, and illustratons what I've been musing The Curious Bees and their different views of the cathedral. That "Light is the Messenger of Probability" I agree with the levels of Avatar and do believe my son, Trevor, is mine. Yes, I'm more of an "idea" person at times than a "people" person. Yes, I believe everything is possible but not probable and that a "version of me will reappear in the future by chance"...not necessarily reincarnate. (parts of me in my sons) However, I feel I am more than "Debris" or "God Dust" Shakespeare say "star stuff"...yes, I'm part of him too. Bob


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