Friday, January 06, 2006

Starstruck Dancers

Last night's "Dance-a-thon", the second annual, was "a kick" to watch. I could hardly keep from movin' and groovin' along with it. Betty and I just love this program and we were going to vote on-line this A.M. but found out it was too late. If we had voted: her first pick was going to be Drew and Cheryl, the top scorers. They were so precise and looked like a couple. My first choice: It would be a toss up between Stacy and Tony; the lady wrestler with 42" legs and Jerry Rice and Anna; with the hips that just would quit. We both like Geo. H. and Edyla just for sentimental reasons and he's a senior like us (my same age)and Lisa R. and her partner(?) for her grace and long legs and "Soapy memories". It will be interesting to see if our picks hold up and are popular...usually they are not.

My special attraction now is that, since my hip replacement, I haven't been able to really dance without "fear" of "pop-out" when I twist too much. Betty is very protective since she'd have trouble carrying me off the dance floor. We danced at the last Charity Ball but only briefly and boogalooing. So, I still feel the rhythm and do alot of "virtual dancing" and keeping the beat mentally or with finger tapping etc. It drives Betty crazy. Believe me, "Not for public consumption!"

My dance roots go way back to elementary school with my "favorite partner" Marilyn Carriger. She was "my partner" afterschool at the square dancing recreation because "she was tall like me" We had the same step/stride and had alot of fun. I recently started communicating with her through out "class reunion" planning group efforts. We will probably see each other for the first time in 50 years next year at the reunion. Ought to be fun to share how our lives have gone, kids, grandkids, dancing partners(?) etc.

My next significant dancing experience was in Junior High Gym Class where we "had to learn to dance all the dances" once a week for a few months with randomly matched partners ie. we'd line up (girls and boys) and pair off, stand facing each other and wait for the instruction and music in the gym...maybe 50+ couples. You can imagine the "comments" and reluctance to "have to dance" with certain "girls" we didn't even want to touch. Of course there were a special one or two who we secretly hoped we would, by chance, be paired with because there was an "attraction", especially one particular girl who "tried" to hug you and had "developed"! The challenge then became to keep it under "control" since we had to wear our gym shorts and outfits, yes, both boys and girls. Talk about "Sweatin' with the Oldies". I think the teachers secretly liked, sadistically, to see some us, excruciatingly shy, panic and sweat.

I wan't allowed to attend my high school dances because of "our churches'/parent's beliefs" I think I got to go to one, a prom, in those three years. I had a cute partner, I can picture her, but can't remember her name. We double-dated 'cause I didn't have a car or access to one yet. I finally got the old family car when dad got a new one. My first dates were not to dances. No. "Big Saturdays" at the L.A. downtown church.(about missionaries). Only the Pasadena Freeway was my challenge then...dancing between the swirving cars and trying to erase the lipstick on the collar before my mom saw it.

College for the first two years was also a "church school" and there were no dances scheduled. We had Gym Jams though, they were fun. We had high jumping cheerleaders at games. But no dancing allowed. Choir singing and "gospel quartet touring". Just not the same as "dancing".

Since then, my wife and I have gone dancing several times mainly connected to weddings we were invited to. Rarely did/have we gone out just for dancing. It was connected to a dinner or banquet. We probably look good together, even still, but it just wasn't something we did because of our "up-bringing" What a shame. Our kids were allowed to go and usually chose not to.

When I taught Jr. Hi. one of our required "extracurricular duties" was to "chaperone dances in the gym" I actually enjoyed it and got into it. I preferred to be stationed outside to catch the "sneeker-offers" and because it wasn't so "hot and sweaty" outside. The gym was so jammed and "in-motion" collectively, that the walls would literally "sweat". Once, at the "Sadie Hawkins Dance" where the girls ask the boys, I was "Marryin' Sam" and the the couples lined up to get "mock married" I got into it, dressed the part, had a ball. Some couples were so "serious" too.

So you can see why I enjoy "Dancing with the Stars" in an "arm-chair" kind of way. A missed the proclivity and opportunity...oh what could've been...You see why I like to "Bob".


At 8:37 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Two, more recent, memories forgotten, now remembered...The romantic night in Cabo San Lucas when we danced at the restaurant at the top of the hotel, almost alone, way into the night that there was a hurricane/storm brewing and there eventually was no electricity. We didn't care, we were "so in love" with the warm climate, the combo band and a night off from the boys. Betty had blisters on her feet the next morning from dancing barefoot all night.

Larry and Pari's anniversary at a major, luxury hotel and they had been taking "Arthur Murray" lessons and they danced so beautifully for everyone and then in came the professionals from the studio. Wow! Persian Dancers are fascinating to watch and so subductive. Pari's parties are the best for that! Bob

At 4:02 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Typo..."hips(motion)that wouldn't quit. See how excited I got. Bob

At 5:03 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Courtesy of Netflix we just watched "Mad Hot Ballroom". What a charming movie! I brings back all kinds of memories. I used to work with that age. Such enthusiasm, commitment, dedication from the teachers, thus the kids for ballroom dancing. I had trouble getting them to even hold hands. Bob


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