Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sin City

"What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas!" Needless to say, "We had a ball!" Talk about your "Mortal Sins"...Gluttony! Greed!...Lust! You name it...But we can't tell. Belagio Buffet! Paris Buffet! The "search" for the "loosest slots in Vegas". Oh my! The "Party Pit" at Harrah' favorite 3-in-one game...being "hit on" by a couple of the "skankiest..." Shocking! $10. Blackjack and Craps...minimum. It goes fast that way. Texas Hold-em lessons at Paris (free) with big and small blinds set at $1 and $3...then a max of 4 raises or passes or calls in multiples of $3. Winning with a pocket pair of 6's and another 6 on the "river"...ooh "666" Evil number! Double cappacinos in the Palio Cafe and delicious gelatos. But I'm telling too much already. We had a great time and we were very Thankful on the Day that we went to the Brunch and a 5 minute line and not the Dinner and an hour plus line. We thought of all our "loved ones" sons and grandchildren and hoped they were as thankful and happy as we were for them.
Here then are some pictures we took. They can only be transferred to the top of the "post". Two from the "Conservatory" at the Belagio and one of the giant Christmas Tree decoration balls in the hallway between Belagio and Bally's. Enjoy!


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