Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Writing Right?

I'm starting the "learning curve" now! Stay tuned to see how and when it all comes full circle. Yes, I do want to learn how to write better. Journaling is one thing, but I secretly want to write something that I can get published or produced. Ya gotta have aspiration, right? I'm taking the beginning steps toward this process and we'll see where it leads. I made my second visit to the Crafton Hills College Campus since I took that Geology Course so long ago. This time I met with the Records and Admission Registrars in their offices under the "clock tower". They asked the key questions about a student ID # and "release of residency". I told them I had done that and that I had sent for my transcripts from L.A. State. They hadn't arrived yet and they wouldn't notify me. They suggested that I seek "counseling" on what I was hopefully planning to do. I then went to the "counseling offices" and made an appointment for next week. It was over an hour wait for a "drop-in". It will be 1/2 hr. with Debbie Bogh. That is the surname of a local councilman or superintendent I think. They said it would be good to bring evidence of course work or "units". I said I'd look and I may get copies from L.A. State by this time next week. What pre-requisites do I need? Can I realistically try to "matriculate"? Can I taylor-make a course of studies for my specialties? What might they be?
I then went back to my "visitor parked car" via the 3rd floor of the Library where they have a "Writing Center"/Writer's Cafe. It is just a small room with some couches, and longer tables and students who volunteer, I guess, to help and tutor other student in "writing" assignments etc. I walked in on one and asked to take the above pictures. Looked very interesting and non-threatening.

I then continued on my way in to get my monthly haircut and try to visit with Clark and Soren. Clark was supposed to be giving an inservice on clay firing, but I couldn't connect with him on his cell and the school was empty. I wanted to photograph him doing what he does best. I stopped by Borders and got a couple of books I've been meaning to give him and Soren: "The Little Engine that Could" There is now an up-dated version out. I got the old and new, for comparison. Soren loves books. After my hair cut and a fellafel, I stopped by their house and found Clark painting shelves in the driveway. I gave them the books and had to go. I had made an appointment to get my annual flu shots. My doctor recommends this since I take a medicine that lowers my immune system. I would've like to stay and read the books but it just didn't work out. Maybe next time...we'll get together then...I know we'll have a good time then. Maybe someday I'll have my own stories to read to my grandchildren, or maybe a screenplay or script. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Bob


At 9:39 PM, Anonymous #oneson said...

dad i did ask you to stay and read the books to soren. And really, giving the preschool ladies lessons on kiln firing hardly qualifies as what i do best. i do know what you meant, however. love clark


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