Thursday, November 17, 2005

"2005" Dove Hill/Riviera Quiz"

Betty and I went to a great party last night. I was just up the street at Bonnie and Rick's house. Most of our local neighbors attended and we finally got to see their fabulous home. It is a decorator's dream. Bonnie really has a touch for it. It is a "work of art" in progress. My wife just flipped over all the creative touches and the color choices. She loved the way the dinnng room table was set at an angle next to the floor-to-ceiling mirror wall. Bonnie is currently trying to paint her family room a light beige with cream trim. Betty loved it.

Bonnie and Rick are fabulous hosts with every kind of drink you could think of. We each brought appetizers. Lots of shrimp, dip and crackers. Lots of gnauching and smoozshing(?). We all "caught up" with each other and had quite a time. Rick said that it would be lots of fun to have a summer party there too. We will look forward to their "state-of-the-art" backyard barbecue plus the view of the pass.

About an hour and a half into the party Bonnie passed out her "mixer" that we all had to RSVP about. The Quiz. Rick was the M.C. Each of us had to tell her what we were "up to" that was new and maybe "a secret". We then had to go around and find out what we all were doing. It was quite a kick and I learned alot:
Sunni and Jay became "Godparents" for their dear friends. They are "on the road" in their giant RV 5 mos. out of the year. They tow their car so that once they get to where they are parking, they can save gas using the smaller car. Bruce and Deana also took more trips than ever before. His health is improving and he is "wheeling and dealing" with his hobby of "Classic Cars" mainly at shows. Gene went to a "backyard Easter Egg hunt" with more than 600 eggs. I don't think he was the hider or seeker. His wife, Eileen, worked in her daughter's classroom in San Jose. She decorated it. Mary and George celegrated their 50th Anniversary in Tuscany, Italy. They also went to Montecatinni, a lovely little town with a health spa. Kathy, our Master Board President's wife,(he came late after his board meeting) ran out of gas on Sun Lakes Blvd. in front of the main gate. She still remains quite active and involved in golf. I had a hard time getting Betty to leave the party and Kathy. Shirley and George bought a new house in Canada on a bigger Island near Vancouver. Bea's grandson is racing quads and is now in 1st Place on the circuit. She was there to cheer him on. Peg and Roy celebrated their mom's 100th birthday in Germany. Al's cumberbund fell off in the clubhouse parking lot and he didn't know it until they announced it from the stage of the dance as they held it up. Dianne, the winner of this quiz, opened her freezer door and a gallon of water fell on her and her foot is still in bandages. George and Helen visited friends in Florida in a house that survived the recent Hurricanes. They couldn't even find the closet on the second floor it was such a grand home. He still volunteers at the Banning High School in Math and Science. He bikes daily and has a "titanium hip" like me. They also have four kids with similar "situations". Bonnie has taken up golf and paddle tennis. She is working on her Broker's License and not currently active in R.E. She is one of the "reasons" we are here. She sold us our home, suggested I apply for a job selling homes at S.L., trained me, and chose me to help sell more homes at the Estates at Oak Valley Greens. What a gal! Rick found that he loved Sedona after kicking and screaming about going there. They stayed at the Enchantment which is "top notch" as resorts go. He was awed by the monumental "red rocks" and canyons. We've got to go back there soon. It is not far from our son and daughter-in-law's home in Gold Canyon, AZ.

This is all for now, I have to go to work. Thanks Bonnie for making all this possible. Bob


At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob... It was deffinitely a great party. Sure hope that summer party really happens. Don't work to hard.
Later.... Have a GREAT day!!
Bruce & Deana.....
The "Bartlett Pair"

At 6:59 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Thanks for the comment Bruce and Deana. I just sold a house to a "Catherine Bartlett". She lives in Solera and is moving over to Carina @ Sundance. Do you know her? She has a devoted daughter who helped since she just came out of the hospital. Bob

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob... No,, we don't know her but maybe we should go say "hi". Maybe she's a long lost cousin or something. BB


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