Friday, September 16, 2005

Stuffed Memories

Alan Alda is one of my favorite actors. He has written a his memoirs in "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed". I couldn't wait to read it so I bought the audio book CD's. I played it in my car and found I was not paying attention to my driving it was so facinating.

Of course, we all watched him on "MASH" as "Hawkeye" and then on "Scientific American Frontiers". He has also written, produced and starred in many movies. I've seen most of them. I heard him speak, live, at a Science Teacher Convention. On his way out he walked right by me. I could've asked for an, I'm not that kind of a crazed fan. I just have admired his work and his gift of expression, both spoken and written.

I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you all about it. If you want to borrow it or buy your own that's fine. What is so facinating about his life to me, he's alittle older than me, is his totally unique up-bringing and early childhood and education. I could never have guessed what he lived through and overcame. (and took in stride) His father was a famous "leading man" and "straight man" in the comic world of burlesque and he was on the "road" with him, watching from backstage. He was "home schooled" at first and then had problems in the regular catholic schools. He had polio and survived an archaically painful treatment. His only companion quite often was his dog, "Rapsody". He lovingly fed him some left-over chinese food and it killed the dog hideously. He and his dad went to bury the dog but couldn't. His dad suggested they get it stuffed. They had no pictures for the taxidermist to copy facial expressions. It came back looking kind of scary and not at all like their beloved pet. It spoiled his fond memories of his faithful companion. It was then he realized that you just couldn't preserve some memories no matter how hard you tried. Memories tend to change as you recall them or they just aren't accompanied by the same feelings.

He continues with this theme and has some very insightful realizations about his life and how it has turned out so far. It is starting to dawn on me too that this is true for me. One of the original purposes of the blog was to help me "preserve my life and my memories" and the more I try, the more I get that "stuffed" feeling. It isn't all glowing and pleasant, although I'd like to think that it was. Lots of times, in the recounting and telling, it gets enhanced or selectively edited to project the point I think I want to make. I'm realizing that I'm just "stuffing my dog". I must reexamine my reasons for blogging and bobbing through my life. To be continued...BOB!


At 8:11 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

M.A.S.H. the tv show premiered today in 1972. It doesn't seem that long ago. Alan was saying that after the taping of the final show, the cast we to their usual restaurant. He noticed an eerie silence and deserted-ness in the streets at that hour. Later he learned they were all inside watching their final shows. Most ever I guess. Bob

At 12:59 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

I understand, in his book, not the CD audio book, he list all the leading ladies he's kissed in alphabetical order. No ranking or comment. His book is not a "tell-all" with dirt on his fellow actors etc. Rather rare in that industry. Way to go Alan. Bob


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