Saturday, August 27, 2005

Wooden's Pyramid of Success

In the L.A. Times Sports Section today there is an article about Coach Wooden and his Annual Award for Success in Basketball. His picture is there too. He will be 95 and still very active. His website (see the Link I have put on this blog) has his philosophy and his famous Pyramid of Success. He taught this and lived it all those 10 years of National Championships. The values therein are still honored and sought by those who would be "successful", not only in sports like basketball, but in life.

He has decided to remove his participation in the Annual Award baring his name to the best male and female college basketball player as judged by the Los Angeles Athletic Club. (L.A.A.C.) Basically, they wanted sole use of his name for that award and he has given it to another award ie. "Athletes for a Better World- Wooden Cup" for a "professional athlete" Peyton Manning. Evidently he didn't know that L.A.AC.'s use was thought to be exclusive for the past 28 years, one every year and in 2004 and 2005: two, male and female. He is saying there are no "hard feelings" but just feels he should be able to lend his "name" to more than just the one award. He has left it up to his children to negotiate. I guess when you get to be 95 you can do that.

However, it seems to me that he may be missing the "point" of his pyramid and the meaning behind the awards. It is not his "name" but the evidence and use of the values in "his pyramid" that need to be honored and remembered in these honorees. Has he forgotten in his foundation he has promoted the strength of "LOYALTY" and "COOPERATION"? After 28 years of choosing the best "college athletes" (his area of expertise) why would he switch to "professionals" $$$? Why would he forget his original "INTENT" in his second tier? What about "TEAM SPIRIT" in his third tier? Has something happened to his "L.A.A.C. team? He has handled it with "POISE" but not "CONFIDENCE". Has he kept the "FAITH"? This, he says, is the mortar along with patience, that holds it all together.

This, to me, illustrates what can happen when we put too much importance and "faith" in people even leaders like Coach Wooden. We are human and much of the time driven by "ego". This is all to evident in many "religions" or "sects" that rely too much on their leaders either current or dead/immortal. And yet, young minds do need examples and leadership in values like the above. Traditionally we have gone to religions for that. We have had faith in those religous values and precepts. ie. revelations received by "leaders" and written about in scriptures of that religion. Examples for parents to teach their children so they can make their own decisions...if that really is possible. We all have input from those we look up to: some good, some not so good...flawed. It puts an awful lot of pressure on us parents doesn't it. To be tolerant, flexible and all of the above in that "pyramid of success". Yes, we each have to continually work it out daily by the way we act and react to everything and everybody...and it doesn't seem to get easier the older we get. Have faith in yourself and your innate ability to do your best for those you love. I do. BOB!


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