Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Craftsman Lamp

Isn't this a beautiful light fixture? Can you guess where it resides and what it illuminates? It is a real object but it represents to me some wishful thinking and goal-setting. Yes, it is an "object de arte" and meant to be; but it is also very functional and practical. That is part of its appeal for me. It sets a mood with its warm colors and bold shapes. The shapes depicted, to me, seem to be opening up, peeling back to show more light and a beacon emerging above. That is all part of its fascination for me.

It is part of the decor in a place that is modern example of the "Craftsman Architectural Design". To me it is very masculine in shapes, and the positive/negative handling of space. The stained glass does remind me of church window glass. The colors, shapes and the lines are more modern though. It is old fashioned and yet, for me, futuristic. It is where I'd like to be someday.

It represents both work and leisure plans and goals for me in the near future. No, Frank Lloyd Wright has nothing to do with it...although this lamp would probably look good in one of his memorable creations. It is in Southern California, within driving distance from my present home and, hopefully, in the next two years even closer. I've watched and chased grandchildren around it, tried to read by it and maybe I'll even be selling homes with its twin nearby. In my imagination it is perfect for "The Dells" ie. "a small wooded valley" That's my proposed name for where it would be just right. Quite "amusing" to me. ie. (from the root: "muse" a source of inspiration, greek mythology, any of the nine daughters of Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.) I can't wait to see what it inspires. Bob


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous son#one said...

ok dad where's the lamp? is it in the hyacinth house in bonsall art park near silver lake? but, no i think that is a frank lloyd wright building. is it in the grove house on the pitzer campus? allthough, i think i would recall if it were there. is it somewhere once aflourish, now mundane, shining like the last ember in a once roaring bonfire? if i can figure it out is there any sort of prize?


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