Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Revelatory Moment?

My horoscope today said that I would benefit from a low-pressure environment so that "a revelatory moment" might sneak up on me. I am so ready for one of those right now. I can hardly wait. I think I'll just stay home all day and do my laundry and ironing...that seems pretty low-pressure. I wonder if I should go through my usual musing pursuits as I de-pressurize. I get so stressed here...being "retired". Maybe I'll just wait for the phone to ring with another "happy revelation"...I get so many. I still subscribe to two newspapers and I compulsively peruse them daily just looking for "revelatory articles". Oh, I think I've found one...

Och Tamale
Gazolly Gazump
Deyump Deyatty Yahoo
Ink Damink
Deyatty Gazink
Deyump Deray Yahoo
Wing Wang
Tricky Trackey
Poo Foo
Joozy Woozy
Skizzle Wazzle
Wang Tang
Orky Porky Dominorky
Rah, Rah, Redlands!
Ah yes! This is what I've been looking for...a non-sensical chant called the "Och Tamale" from Redlands University. It has been required reading and memorization at the University for the last 80 years. I guess it was originally used as part of "pledging and hazing" on campus with the result of not being able to chant it on command, would mean waiting tables and busing dirty dishes. It is very popular among the undergrads and now, in honor of the University's 100th Anniversary, it is A Musical. Can you imagine making a musical out of this gibberish? I'm almost tempted to go and see it.
Maybe this is what is wrong with our educational system. I've always looked up to Redlands U. as on the level with other, favorite private institutions i.e. Occidental (near my hometown), Harvey Mudd or any of the Claremont 7(where I lived so many years), U.S.C. (where I went for my credential) Granted there is a certain amount of "sillyness" always going on with undergrads just to relieve the "pressure"...say of...finals. Speaking of which, my wife and I just attended mine yesterday at "Rosie's Mexican Restaurant" in Yucaipa. What an affair!...pressure?! I think I had a preliminary "revelatory moment" there. I can take that class over and over, at least 4 times for credit. I worked hard, but I have actual physical improvement I can point to.
Here's another "Fact for the Day": The Knights of King Arthur's Round Table, at one time, numbered up to 25. That must've been a big table...all just to get them to feel equal. This Table of Britain's Legendary King, was first mentioned in Wace of Jersey's Roman de Brut (1155). There are many locations and lists of this "historic" item/location. The following 12 are usually included: Sir Bedivere, Sir Bors, Sir Galahad, Sir Gareth, Sir Gawain, Sir Kay, Sir Lamorack, Sir Lancelot, Sir Mordred, Sir Perceval, Sir Torre and Sir Tristan. What great names! I know at least four boys to men who remind me of some of these names. Why didn't we use these names for them instead of the ones we picked? The ones I like in particular: Bedivere, Lancelot, Bors, Galahad, Gareth, Gawain, Mordred, Preceval...two per boy/man. Why not?...first and second names per. They are all equal. This was important yesterday too, come to think of it. I was online at "Legal" doing my Last Will and Testament; a task I've been avoiding. I thought it prudent to take care of this before my upcoming world cruise. My vast estate and "millions" will be divided equally among all my heirs. Don't think they'll need a round table tho...especially after they see the "special instructions". Oh well, Bob maybe more "revelatory moments". Bob!


At 8:30 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Ah...some revelations from yesterday...all these years and my fascination with Arthurian Legend...yes, I loved to read about him as a seems all his knights (their names and activities)are or have been facets of my personalities also. I also started Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth" (thanks, Larry) and am agreeing so far with its revelations i.e.Chapter Two: Words and their hypnotic power of labeling over us that keeps us at the surface layer of reality. Wow! Bob! (a word that keeps me at the surface)


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