Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Free At Last!

I have not written here for awhile. There have been momentous developments. I have decided, once again, to "retire". Yes, as of today, I resigned my sales counselor postition with Pardee Homes. I have a "good" feeling about it. It was time.

The little guy on your left is my "garden gnome". He's been standing in my office on the window ledge since I started at Aurora and Carina. He is now standing on a shelf in my office book shelves surrounded by some other mementos from my life and careers. He is content there and he symbolizes "contentment" to me at this time. As you can see he is "working in the garden" raking up "something" or spreading "it" around. You can be the judge of that. He, like me, is happy now. He can follow his "bliss" and do some of the things he's been longing to do.

My third grandchild, Soren, and his father and mother are coming out for a visit today. Normally I would have to miss that. Wednesday has been my "Monday" with a "stressful" sales meeting and a "catching up" on all the problematic emails and spins that have collected during my previous two days off. Selling houses was fun but keeping them in escrow was not. Now I get to talk and play with him and read to him and just love and enjoy him. I've missed out on too much of that with all my grandchildren. My own father did too. He died of a stroke at his work at 59 and he didn't even get to see two of his grand kids. His job was too time consuming and he was known for his "work ethic". He would not deligate and stayed long hours of overtime. I did not want this to happen to me too. Stone and Layla, my other two grand kids are coming out next week to "Camp Gramma" which will now be known a "Camp Gramma and PapaBob". I'm looking forward to that. How well do I even know them? How well do they know me? How much love can I give them?

I'm also looking into going back to college. I would like to take courses in writing and music theory and practice. These are two of my prevailing interests and loves. I have much to learn in these areas and I'm happiest when I'm learning and growing. I'm signed up to take a "Workforce Course" at Crafton Hills College a Saturday in April. It is all about "Screenwriting". Who knows? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I went to my CRTA Monthly Luncheon at our local Sizzler this past Monday.(Caif.Retired Teachers Assoc.) That's the first time I've been other than as a performer with our local Barbershoppers. One of the guest speakers was also retired but "acting" as the President of San Jacinto College in Hemet and Murrieta. He talked about the planned satellite campus coming to Banning of all places. It needs a bond issue passed which could be a "fatal hurdle" but I'm totally interested. Bring it on! I could even learn to help others to write and perform music. Now I am dreaming!

We are still on for our Celebrity Cruise of the Greek Isles in May and June. This has been a dream also. They say it is very warm and humid then. We'll see. Yes, we'll experience Rome again, all the ancient ruins, the Adriatic and hundreds of islands, taste exotic cuisines and wines. We'll get to shop in the marketplaces of Istanbul. I can buy another "evil eye" like the one I was given, and broke, from my daughter-in-law. In his "Pillars of Hercules" - a Grand Tour of the Mediterranean- Paul Theroux has a whole section on "the evil eye", the beliefs in these areas and how they are blue...just like her eyes. I'm rereading this book before our trip. It has been a favorite from years ago.

Yes, there are many things to look forward to with my "new freedow". Look out! My poor wife! It is going to be a "new challenge and adjustment" for both of us. We have always had jobs and divergent interests that have "given us blessed breaks" from each other. Now the fun begins again...stay tuned for further reports and developments. Bob!


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