Thursday, April 05, 2007

So She Dances...

A waltz when she walks in the room
She pulls back the hair from her face
She turns to the window
To sway in the moonlight
Even her shadow has grace.
Asher Lenz and Adam Crossley are credited with the Music and Lyric for this beautifully moving Josh Groban song on his latest album "Awake". It starts in his low register and gradually soars into his highest voice, even falsetto. For me, it is the best song on his new album because it gives my current feelings about the love of my life...words and melody.
A waltz for the girl out of reach
She lifts her hands up to the sky
She moves with the music
The song is her lover
The melody's making her cry.
We got the album about the same time of the new season of "Dancing With The Stars". We have enjoyed that show, the professional dancers, the guest performers etc. We like the fast dances but we are really enamored by the slower ones. i.e. the waltz. It, in some ways, is just as difficult with the measured, 3/4 beat, held frame, rise and fall, and sweeping turns all under the utmost muscular control and restraint. "This would be the perfect song to dance to," I said to myself. That's when I wrote to Josh (his website) and the show (chatroom) and suggested Josh sing it on "DWTS" as one of the guest soloist like last season they had Rod Stewart. Immediately it got alot of "hits" and comments in the chat room...mostly positive. One person complained that since the program was on a Disney owned station they would probably favor Disney-type entertainers. I got no direct email answers from Josh or DWTS but, lo and behold, three weeks later, there he was surrounded by spotlights singing a shortened version of "So She Dances". They used their newest female professional, youngest too, (Apolo Ono's partner) and Leeza Gibbon's pro-partner to dance to it on the darkened floor with thrilling choreographic lifts and carries. It was amazing and got an on-going standing ovation. This next week now several of the remaining couples will have to dance the waltz without the lifts. It ought to be inspiring and fun to watch.
So she dances
In and out of the crowd like a glance
This romance is from afar calling me, silently.
A waltz for the chance I should take
But how will I know where to start
She's spinning between constellations and dreams
Her rhythm is my beating heart.
Our first date, after our meeting at Jr. Hi. Church camp, came after we met again as members of a mutual friend's wedding party. We were paired going down the aisle as bridesmaid and groomsman. I called her very soon after and set up a "date" but not a dance then. It was a "tennis date". She looked so hot in her white tennis togs, short skirt, tan...I was totally distracted and she beat me. She said she enjoyed winning. That's when I knew...we would continue the "match". We both belonged to a church that didn't "promote" dancing but we easily found ways to dance...very intimately. Since then, we have been dancing many times usually as part of a wedding party or a dinner celebration with a band. Neither of us have what you'd call "dancing talent". We feel the music together but I'm about a foot taller. A drink or two really helps us loosen up, and not step on toes.
So she dances...
I can't keep on watching forever
I'd give up this view just to tell her
When I close my eyes I can see
The spotlights are bright on you and me
We've got the floor
And you're in my arms
How could I ask for more?
I could. A few more years would be nice. Our time together now is even more precious. We have so many wonderful memories and we want to still make more. We are both getting alittle more forgetful lately and we have to remind each other when we slip up. (Like I just forgot my doctor's apt.) Do young couples even think about "growing old together" anymore? I hope so. It is sweet.
So she dances...
And I'm giving up this view just to tell her.


At 2:53 PM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

Tomorrow, April 6th, we will have been married 44 years. So we dance...on in joy together. What a waltz! Bob!

At 9:19 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

We just watched DWTS with our grandchildren at "Camp Gramma/pa". They enjoyed it too...probably because they could stay up an hour later. They both had to get up and dance to the "jive numbers". Stone had to have a "cane or light sabre" to dance with. Just once they tried to dance together but it degenerated quickly into the usual...bro/sis stuff. Bob!

At 10:36 AM, Blogger BOB! Your Life Preserver said...

How about that dance last night? Apolo and Julianne got all 10's! Wow! was she hot! that tight little tiger outfit. Their steps were perfect and he sold it. Bob!


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